Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Farewell to you Grandma..!! May your soul rest in Peace...

It was the most heart breaking phone call, that ever took a place. On March 25th of 2009.

I have called mom just around 2pm and she was crying so much. She had a hard time to speak, and i asked her why she was crying and she told me that my grandma was admitted to the hospital. She got a phone call from my aunt in the afternoon and the aunt told her the bad news and that my grandma was very weak, she was having difficulties to breath and the doctor said that her lungs was in bad condition.

I called the aunt directly and asked her about grandma's condition and she told me that grandma was unconscious and hooked up to a respirator. I asked my aunt to put the phone to my grandma's ear and i started to speak to her 'grandma wake up..open your eyes..it's me calling lingling..please open your eyes so we know that you are with us..' and at the same time my aunt was trying to call her name but she remained unconscious.

Then I told my aunt that i will call again later (that was round 9.30pm). As soon I hung up the phone. I called my mom again ...but dad answered the phone and he told me that they were ready to go back to 'kampung' and mom was so sad. 1 hour later I called mom and she said that they were on their way and almost reached the hospital and i told her that i will call again in 10 minutes. 5 minutes later I received an sms from mom said that grandma have passed away, (3am) without even saying goodbye, my heart was just broken. I couldn't speak, I didn’t know what to say. I just got really weak.. I had to sit down....Just to think and be able to talk. My eyes started swelling from tears so much, of the difficult time, that she have passed. And to think of it I talked to her on the phone, not long ago (week before), I just said "Hello" and said ''Happy Birthday''. I didn’t even had a chance to give her, her birthday present. She just turned 72 years old on 14th March.

Who would ever knew, that she'll be gone so fast. That will never be able to see her again. Now that the spring is coming...and the most of the things I remember is the last time that we've spent together. At least she have stayed with us most of the time during our 2 months holiday in Sabah. The last time I saw her was on 4th February and the last time I spoke to her was on 18th March.

Her never endless love, that's what kept us all.....And to see her being gone will be never forgotten at all. She will be missed a lot....A LOT !

But will see her someday in the heaven. The God took her away from us....but she will be in a better place, She'll be taken care of there and she wont feel the pain anymore but She'll be happy again.

In memory of my grandmother Kagu@Amelia
March 14,1937 - February 25,2009.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ryan's Nursery....

Ryan's new friend Amelia

Their playroom

Ryan : look mummy i found a car.....

another big car

diaper changing room

eating corner + kitchen

another playroom..especially for girls ( a lot of dolls)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm Back..................

after sooooo long time haven't update my blog and look like bersarang laba2 sda....now i'm back again. Been to Malaysia for holiday and it was a very nice holiday for me and my family. mmmm i'll give you this link of my brother's blog so you guys know what happen during the holiday...hahaha thats mean save sikit sa,malas mau update panjang2. Link ;P mond thank you yeee for updating ur blog....

Now we are back in Sweden and the weather is..COLD! been to home for 3 weeks now and busy with Ryan's admission to nursery...doii anakku pigi sikul sda dia...yeah since i dont have amah here and i need to start working soon so we decided to sent Ryan to nursery. It went pretty well on 2 weeks trial....and yesterday was the 1st day i leave Ryan totally alone without me. When i came and picked him up at 2pm, the teacher told me that it went good.. he ate and he slept for 1 1/2 hrs...doii anak ku kuat tidur (mcm bapanya)...actually their sleeping time is between 12noon to 1pm but my baby slept until 1.30pm (talabih sudah tu Ryan). and today when i say good bye to him...bukan pandai peduli mami dia...sibuk mau pigi main saja..so i just left.

mmm thats all for now :) burukkan...sikit saja...anyway good start ba..

Ok reader...to be continue k....daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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