Monday, August 11, 2008

A Smile means Friendship to everyone....

brings joy to all of us
brights up our day
a smile is like a sunshine shining the universe
A smile brings comfort to those in sorrow
A smile brings hope to those in despair
A smile brings happiness to those in distress
As we move on with our lives remember to smileto the people we love and cherish because the end might be near
A smile is a beginning to a new chapter of our lives
Smile each and everyday
Let celebrate life with a smile!

by Frantz

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Anger Management ! ~~Tag by Valerie

1) When u have nothing nice to say, just shut up.

2) When u are angry or upset, refrain yourself and save other innocent people from taking the brunt of your steam.

3) Do not say things that you don't mean and will regret later because to apologise is much harder than just shut your mouth.

4) Please recognize the other (innocent party's) effort to remain diplomatic.

5) Bear in mind that other people have their own problem too maybe bigger than yours

6) Exhaustion will cloud your judgement. Stay away from people. Just go to sleep.

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