Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm Alone..

Hubby is on paternity leave this month and he suppose to be at home with baby but since he also have his newly open company (extra job-freelands photografer), so there are many things that have to be done. Today he have to leave early in the morning to follow his friend(customer) to take some photo of the customers newly open restaurant. Its about 200miles from here. Tekana-kana lagi me and baby sakit kana flu and batuk. We had visitor from Kuala Lumpur last week and there were sick ( batuk & flu juga) so kami pun tejangkit la. But its was fun juga having them here and i was so sad when they have to leave again. tepa la..they promise they will come back in two years time.

Now Ryan is sleeping so sinang la sa sikit..buli blogging lagi. But actually i'm planning to clean today,but my flu n cough makes me feel so weak and LAZY. Macam mana pun kena clean juga skit2 la..since MIL wanna drop by nanti afternoon to say hello to Ryan. Susah nanti kalo dia nampak rumah nda ketentuan.

arrrgggg....malasssssssssss la!

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